Safe driving consists of several aspects, the key of which are: high-quality visual perception of the road, traffic signs, traffic lights and other traffic participants, as well as the instant reaction of the visual organs to a changing situation. Therefore, visual acuity 24 hours a day and in any weather is extremely


Often we find ourselves in a situation where the sun blinds our eyes, and looking at the road becomes a real test for us. The contrast of the picture decreases, constant glare interferes with a good view, forcing us to blink more often and lose vigilance. At night, headlights of oncoming cars, lights of illumination, bright advertising billboards dazzle us.

In this case, three types of glasses can come to the rescue.

And the first of them are already familiar to everyone, sunscreens. According to the advice of specialists, in daylight, the minimum light transmission of traffic lights, red and green, should be 8 percent, and yellow - 6 percent. If the values ​​are lower, many warning signals will be distinguishable from a much shorter distance than is required for safe driving. As a rule, world-famous brands that produce sunglasses, including for drivers, indicate in the description of the model how suitable it is for driving vehicles. The legislation of our country also to some extent regulates the total and spectral transmission of sunglasses, adhering to the above figures.

The second type of glasses, the most popular and useful for drivers, is polarizing glasses. The best sunglasses for driving with a polarizing property of lenses can be both sun-protection and corrective vision. The polarization in the lens absorbs, levels the light reflected from the surfaces. Glasses with such lenses do not allow light to penetrate through the lenses, which is reflected and glare from the surfaces of the road, mirrors, neighboring cars. In addition, they increase the contrast of vision, which means that the driver has more opportunities to respond to the occurrence of a sudden dangerous situation on the road.

However, it is worth remembering that the use of sunglasses, as well as glasses with a polarizing effect at night, is absolutely unacceptable and even dangerous, since the darkening effect in such glasses reduces visibility in the dark, which can lead to a serious traffic accident.

The third type of glasses is intended for those who wear glasses and spend a lot of time driving at night. These glasses are made using lenses with special coatings that reduce light scattering and increase image contrast, and are designed taking into account the difference in light perception by the retina of the eye day and night. As a result, you get less tired during a long night trip, maintain concentration on the road and respond faster when changing lanes or other active actions of the surrounding cars.



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